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Live Review: Kucka 'Honey'

13 August 2015 | 1:39 pm | Hannah Galvin

Perth lady, Kučka, has just released, 'Honey'; the fourth single off her forthcoming Unconditional EP.

Perth lady, KUČKA, has been teasing us with the release of her forthcoming Unconditional EP. Super impressed with what we've been gifted thus far, the artist has just dropped its fourth single, 'Honey', just days before the body of works scheduled release.

A cosmic bee buzzes through in a Hindustani inspired flair, before nesting momentarily in the soft void of ambience. This brief recuperation is enjoyed by the soundly fly, as the supple nectar of Kučka's voice captivates the attentive, and soon enables the anthophila to continue traversing this universal plain.

Zooming by sticky, rhythmic elements, fluffy harmonies and the rich prowess of Kučka's soft, reverberating vocals, 'Honey' is a flirty hive that just induces pollination; if you know what I mean.

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'Honey' is the fourth single taken from Kučka's Unconditional EP; her debut Midnight Feature release. To be available on Friday, 14th August, you can pre-order the 7-track on vinyl HERE.

Words by Hannah Galvin.