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Live Review: Klue taps into his soulful side with new single, 'Find Your Way'

6 April 2018 | 9:14 am | Staff Writer

Sydney producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist KLUE knows his way around a good song. His extensive back-catalogue is a shining example of an artists constantly striving to try new sounds and styles to expertly craft music that's always vibrant, engaging, and most importantly, fun. Now, he's back with another new tune that sees him once again delving into new territory to emerge with another joyous banger.

Titled 'Find Your Way', the song originated from an unplanned adventure with a new friend. While partying after a festival set, Klue met someone who had lost their friends, and invited that person to come along on their adventures until they found their crew. "I started singing whatever came to mind as we walked, and that turned into the hook...That moment inspired the track, but really it's just about being there for someone; a song for my friends.”

Featuring a riff played on the Mbira that Klue collected while touring in Zimbabwe, the song's focus is less on production and more on the soul in the song, and because of this shift in focus, it is one of Klue's best releases yet. With heartfelt lyrics and a certain emotional quality that is often lost in electronic music, 'Find Your Way' is an upbeat ode to friendship, and being all in it together. Featuring Klue's powerful vocals over a bed of writhing, intricate percussion, the song is a reassuring promise that you're not alone and is an anthem for finding our ways together.

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Already into a great year this year, Klue has already supported the legendary Thievery Corporation on their Australian tour, and is working on a new EP slated for release in late 2018. We're not sure about you, but we're hoping there are more chance encounters for Klue like this, because the music is too good to stop!

'Find Your Way' is out now via etcetc. Buy or stream here.

Image via Stoney Roads

Words by Emma Jones