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Live Review: Kllo recruit DJ BORING for 'My Gemini' remix

12 October 2020 | 9:47 am | Emma Jones

Kllo described the release as "an honour to have an artist that we draw inspiration from put their touch on our track".

After releasing bliss in audible form courtesy of Jacques Greene remixKllo have now shared another rework from their recent Maybe We Could album care of none other than DJ Boring. Tapping the man himself to remix 'My Gemini', DJ Boring turns the tune into a near-8-minute epic.

Kllo said of the new remix, "We've been massive fans of DJ BORING's work for a long time. It's an honour to have an artist that we draw inspiration from put their touch on our track. My Gemini always sounded like a distant memory of a night out, but this remix really lifts the veil off and brings that moment into clarity."

As for DJ Boring, he expressed mutual admiration, saying,"'I really love Kllo’s work and I have listened to Maybe We Could over and over again. It was a huge privilege to be asked to do a remix and I really wanted it to be perfect and do it justice, so much so at one point I found myself in quite a hard place with it, trying to figure it out but one day not so long ago, almost out of nowhere it just came to me."

Unhurried and precise, DJ Boring's take on 'My Gemini' is a slowly building affair. Infusing Chloe Kaul's vocals with house sensibilities, the UK-based Australian producer creates a meditative vocal loop before getting down to business for an understated but still propulsive house dream. Listen to the remix below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied