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Live Review: King IV releases a thumping remix EP for ‘We Can Get It’ ft. Rromarin

26 September 2017 | 9:18 am | Freya Dinesen

KING IV has just released a remix EP for her recent single ‘We Can Get It’ ft. RROMARIN, with epic reworks from DONATACHI, OK SURE, FUTURE STRANGERS & RONAN

Melbourne's dark electronica enchantress KING IV has just released a swathe of remixes following the success of her recent single, ‘We Can Get It’ ft. RROMARIN. The empowering track captivated listeners and artists alike, inspiring some wild reworks from affluential up-and-coming producers DONATACHI, OK SURE, FUTURE STRANGERS and RONAN to compile this stellar, genre-melding remix EP.

Earlier this year we saw King IV set a new tone for her daring demeanour, showing a more complex and emphatic approach to her sound. This sonic development and fresh songwriting ethos delivered the captivating club banger, ‘We Can Get It’. Not content with just that single out, King IV then went and tapped some of her fellow electronic tunesmiths to create these ensuing remixes.

Bubblegum pop priest Donatachi introduces his rework with an iridescent fusion of J-Pop and 1990s era electronic pop before revealing King IV’s and Rromarin’s aptly pitch and tempo shifted vocals. The dreamy, sugar-sweet pop production gradually becomes immersed in layers of liquidly synths and sprinklings of metallic industrial timbres, forging a new Dance Dance Revolution classic while paying homage to King IV’s fiery original epic.

Ok Sure have concocted a kinetic combination of dark and moody sounds, initially lead by a thumping bassline, vivid percussive beats and classic house-style tones to establish buoyant club vibes. Abridged vocal samples traverse the remix’s evolving sonic complexities and textures before waves of diverging minimalism ebb and flow over the layers, gradually eroding away the intricacies of the elaborate soundscape.

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Future Strangers embarked on a more cosmic exploration with an ambient and spacious soundscape that harbours fluctuating vocal lines and delicate instrument segments. Their chorus descends into contrasting sections while breathing fresh space into the track’s poised production arrangements, smoothly guided by candid beats and synth motifs.

Finally, Ronan offers a dark-wave construal, propelled by a walking bassline and harsh saw-tooth synth pads. Alluring vocal samples navigate to electrified synth refrains that seriously channel the likes of The Crystal Method and Justice as the song becomes encompassed by pseudo electric guitar licks, crushed beats and an oscillating sub bass.

Pwoah! These artists have totally slayed King IV and Rromarin’s ‘We Can Get It’ with some mind-boggling new concepts, graciously subsuming the original jam’s flairs and quirks with a completely unique approach to their remixes. This EP certainly says a lot for these future talents, and has definitely rekindled our love for ‘We Can Get It’ too!