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Live Review: Kinder return with their dance ready single 'Come Along' featuring A.GIRL

16 November 2020 | 11:33 am | Claudia Fallon

Ghanaian-Australian sister duo Kinder (Briony and Savannah) have returned to 2020 with their dance-floor filler of a track 'Come Along' featuring A.GIRL.

Emerging from the regional town of Maitland, Ghanaian-Australian sister duo Kinder (Briony and Savannah) have returned to 2020 with their dance-floor filler 'Come Along' featuring A.GIRL. Revisiting their roots in club culture whilst paying homage to their ancestral home in Ghana, Africa, Kinder have effortlessly weaved their identity into this vivid and propulsive dance single. From DJing in regional towns to then opening for bigtime artists including Marshmello and RL Grime, the girls return with a head-spinning dance number to get you up and moving. Having released their first single in 2018, 'Come Along' featuring A.GIRL shows the progression of the pair as they share the very best of their future-facing music.

Capturing elements from their Ghanaian heritage, Kinder set the tone of the track with influences from African music and primal beats that begin this electro-pop banger. As the song progresses, the beat becomes propellant with deep bass and electric synths that create a hypnotic and effervescent feel. Featuring the traditional Ghanaian instrument, the Gyill, 'Come Along' becomes a beautiful collision of club music and traditional tribal sounds. The addition of A.GIRL's vocals creates a unique contrast with the strong sounds of African heritage heard throughout, only amplifying the track even further. Combining a plethora of sonic elements, Kinder have created a triple threat that merges anthemic electronic music with culture and identity.

Spurred by the memory of a trip to Ghana as children, Briony and Savannah created 'Come Along' to share their rich cultural history through song. Brimming with nostalgia and memories from the past, Kinder have shared their most ambitious musical project yet. Sharing excitement for the release of their new song, the duo said, “We are really excited to share this part of our story with everyone. This song is very special to us as we explore things we never have before. We can’t wait to be able to play this live and dance with everyone again.”

Rocking headline slots at clubs, and dominating festival stages, Kinder has already achieved so much in just a few short years since they first burst on the scene. Now with 'Come Along', they begin a new chapter and with sounds this exciting, we can't wait to hear what they do next.

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Image: Supplied