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Live Review: Neo-soul queen Kaiit returns with new single, 'Miss Shiney'

13 May 2019 | 7:33 pm | Evie Weily

Since her 2017 debut, neo-soul star Kaiit is no stranger to the scene. Having woven her way into the hearts of fans worldwide through her fierce rhythms and eclectic style, Kaiit shares her latest single 'Miss Shiney' which only confirms her destined stardom as Australia's soul queen.

Since her 2017 debut, neo-soul star KAIIT has been exponentially on the upwards. Having woven her way into the hearts of us all through her relentless rhythms and fiercely individual style, Kaiit shares her latest single 'Miss Shiney'.

'Miss Shiney' is a colourful, hearty track with magic vocals that guides the listener into a world of unique grounding and self-reflection. Taking inspiration from her time away in her homeland in Papua New Guinea, 'Miss Shiney' radiates the sweet sound of soul and empowerment through unreserved vocal charm. 

"I would wake up really early when it was still cool inside before it got too hot and I would write and record on the floor because we had no furniture in the house," says Kaiit of her time in Papua New Guinea. "I would stay and record bootleg demos in there until about 10am every morning."

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Since the release of her debut single 'Natural Woman' in 2017, Kaiit has found major success in each step she makes. With praise from music royalty such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Zane Lowe, Kaiit enters the next phase of her soulful and enchanting career with us all eagerly hanging on her next move.