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Live Review: Kah Lo's 'Fasta' is one, non-stop musical marathon

1 September 2017 | 3:03 pm | Jackson Langford

From the opening seconds of KAH LO's heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, debut single 'Fasta', one gets the sense that the Nigerian-born musician isn't here to play but to work, and to work hard. She's not here to give you the pleasantries of letting you stretch your legs or make sure your head's in the zone. No, Kah Lo is getting you moving from the get-go and, for the next four minutes, she's not going to let you stop.

Something Kah Lo proves on her debut single is that she can morph elements of pop music and inject them into powerful, relentless electronic music seamlessly. With influences such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and MIA evident throughout the entirety of 'Fasta', Kah Lo melts them all into her own unique sound. Incorporating her Nigerian inflection, she's created a song that transcends oceans and borders. It somehow sounds like it could've sprouted in any country across the globe.

Of course, a big part of why 'Fasta' is so infectious is because of RITON's mighty production. The two collaborated on the Grammy-nominated 'Rinse & Repeat' and their chemistry provides an unbreakable foundation for this track. With an unrelenting beat flecked with bouncing synths, Riton matches Kah Lo's vocal energy with ease. Letting her authority take centre stage, Riton leaves no moment unmilked and lacquers the song with flair and electricity at any given opportunity.

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Once you make it through the four minutes of 'Fasta', you'll finally be able to catch your breath. But, just as Kah Lo intended with her debut single, you won't want to stop moving just yet, if at all.