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Live Review: Just Shy has well and truly arrived with 'I Am Here'

5 April 2018 | 10:13 am | Jackson Langford

'I Am Here' is an onslaught of energy, fun and complete early morning euphoria, yet Just Shy ensures that nor he or us will ever get tired.

It's strange that an artist with the moniker JUST SHY would make his debut with such an explosive and colourful declaration, but that's part of the enigmatic beauty of 'I Am Here.' Any track that beams nostalgia but still sounds remarkably fresh is an impressive feat, but doing it and making it sound this fun is truly groundbreaking. It's a party anthem - but one unlike anything you've heard before.

The influence from Australia electronic pioneers Cut Copy is clear, but Just Shy injects this electronic jam with a heavy dose of pop sensibility that makes it perfect for any club. Just Shy's vocal delivery is sturdy and haunting, as the thumping production takes over and you can practically see the laser lights obscured by smoke machines. The song rages on with booming energy and relentless electricity, which seems to mirror the song's narrative perfectly. “I know one day this will all just be a blur/I won’t remember him, I won’t remember her” he sings, but he doesn't care. All he's waiting for his the next bass drop, the next drink and the next rush of euphoria that pounds through every beat.

'I Am Here' is an onslaught of energy and fun, yet Just Shy ensures that neither he or us will ever get tired. It's a relentlessly booming party anthem that is injected with an experience that's all too relatable for any one who presses play. The production is glittering yet thumping, and is ready to soundtrack any late night adventure you're likely to either remember forever or forget the very next morning.

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Image: Supplied