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Live Review: Sofi Tukker want you to dance with them to Julietta's 'Beach Break'

13 September 2017 | 9:21 am | Molly McLaughlin

Julietta and Sofi Tukker have teamed up to create a brooding, bass-filled track for those nights when you just want to dance.

Ever run into an ex in the club? This is the song for that moment, according to JULIETTA and SOFI TUKKER. The original tune by Julietta was intense, with a foreboding undertone, but Sofi Tukker have taken it next level with this mesmerising remix of 'Beach Break', creating a deep-house ode to moving on.

'Beach Break' is only the second single from NYC-based artist Julietta, but it has already accumulated more than 700k Spotify plays. The song was created and recorded in Nicaragua. "From the moment we got there, we were in this loose and flow-y vibe," Julietta explained in an interview with Hunger. "Our music and our surroundings were constantly making us breathe easy and sway."

"I was thinking about situations when I would run into a guy I used to 'know' at a venue or club and it's sometimes kinda awkward. Some people have this weird thing with pretending like we didn’t happen,  because it's easier than to come and say hi and ask me how I’m doing. This song is about that. Except I’m telling them in this track to stay, let go of that tension, and just dance it out with me."

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And now, with Sofi Tukker on board for remix duties, this song is bound to be on high rotation. The duo were everywhere with their pop-dance track 'Drinkee', which was heavily influenced by a Brazilian vibe, so they are a perfect match for 'Beach Break'.

The remix is a warped and twisted version of the original, building to a pulsating crescendo. It has the trademark Tukker touch of quirkiness, like a bad dream in Technicolor. "We wanna dance but we're swimming in a black hole..." the chorus chants, echoed by sirens, before releasing into a dance breakdown. This song will make you move, whether you want to or not.