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Live Review: Jordon Alexander sheds his moniker & crafts contemplative electro on his new 12"

10 March 2019 | 8:58 pm | Max Lewis

Jordan Alexander sheds his Mall Grab persona with his debut 12-inch, presenting two tracks of introspective and anxious house.

Better known the Newcastle born techno powerhouse Mall GrabJORDON ALEXANDER has released a two track 12-inch via his label Looking For Trouble. Recorded during a time of great turmoil and growth in his life, the two singles 'More Than I Ever Thought I Could' and ' The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter' display a more nuanced and emotional side of the producer, while maintaining the electro prowess that made Mall Grab a household name.

Since his debut EP in 2015, Mall Grab has become one of our most sought after electronic exports, crafting releases for international labels like 1080p, as well as relocating to the UK and touring across Europe. On his debut 12-inch under his given name, Alexander says that they're "about self-discovery, who I am and who I want to be," while also promising that he'll still be releasing music as Mall Grab.

The opener 'More Than I Ever Thought I Could' thrums with an anxious air, thanks to the interplay of a menacing bassline with high-pitched synth plucks and pounding beats. Touching on acid house at times, it's more aggressive than Mall Grab has ever been. That being said, it still possesses a sense of vulnerability through its anxious melodies. Conversely, the B-side ''The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter' leans closer to deep house with a lo-fi edge. Over the gentle crackle of vinyl we're treated to a downtrodden keyboard progression mixing with synth stabs and pulsing arpeggios. Samples of scratchy dialogue - presumably taken from the film the track takes its name from - are weaved in throughout, talking about love and loneliness.

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Where the A side was aggressive with vulnerability underneath, the B-side is vulnerable with slight aggression underneath. The result is a perfect little snapshot of a different, more introspective side of the Mall Grab we know and love, that doesn't sacrifice the house and electro magic we know him for. Above it all it's always great to see an artist break away from their comfort zone and try something daring - and on his debut Jordon Alexander has nailed it.

Photo via FACEBOOK 

Words by MAX LEWIS