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Live Review: Jordan Dennis' debut 'Crumbs' is peppy neo-soul at its best

3 May 2018 | 12:40 pm | Max Lewis

Billy Davis MC Jordan Dennis has set off on his own, and the result is his debut 'Crumbs' - a delightfully catchy neo-soul bop.

After making a name for himself as frontman of BILLY DAVIS, Melbourne artist JORDAN DENNIS has set out on his own. The result, 'Crumbs', is an infectious slice of neo-soul pop sure to get anyone's toes tapping.

Billy Davis is a RnB and neo-soul collective, and about as good as that description makes it sound. Their debut album, A Family Portrait, cemented them as a powerhouse of catchy and funks cuts and an absolute delight to watch live. 'Crumbs' features Billy Davis member Tentendo on production, and also features vocals from frequent collaborator Blasko.

'Crumbs' immediately feels like a solo effort, in that it's recognisably Jordan Dennis, while still in keeping with the Billy Davis style. A bright piano progression sets the vibe before some snappy but lethargic 808s pair nicely with a bold bassline. Jordan Dennis' flow fits perfectly with the neo-soul sound despite resting firmly in the hip-hop camp, giving the track a little bit of edge amongst the jazzy trumpet fills and warm keys.

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What I dig about 'Crumbs' is how the music pairs with the lyrics. With effortless flow Jordan muses on the 'games' a girl is playing with him, and how she only wants him when his "time is up." It could sound sad or malicious in another musical context, but with the breezy neo-soul vibe the track exudes, we get the sense he's not too hung up on the whole ordeal. That's 'Crumbs' in a nutshell - it's a funky bop on the surface, with a neat little bit of storytelling underneath.

Photo by Itgel Ito

Words by Max Lewis