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Live Review: Jordan Brando & William Kiss provide ripping techno on their 'Clockwork' EP

10 April 2019 | 5:07 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

It was only a few weeks ago that we featured Sydney techno producer Made In Paris' label Upon Access. With a strong eye for curation, the label's focus on melodic techno that really takes you on a journey has extended across all 11 releases so far, and as of today, they've expanded to 12.

Joining a stunning list of local and international releases already housed on the label is the two-track EP, Clockwork from Melbourne big-bass enthusiast Jordan Brando and Upon Access favourite William Kiss. The pair use the EP to navigate huge club-ready monsters that will be shaking floors across the globe in no time.

The title track kicks off the release, the brooding bassline easing itself in over a thunderous kick. It's all killer, no filler, with layering being the hero here. Where Brando leans onto more of a tech-house tip on his originals, he really brings his knack for writing melodies to this one, whereas Kiss tends to favour huge, deep warehouse cuts that roll through your entire body and he brings that to 'Clockwork'. They've really found that sweet spot between both of their sounds here, which is why the release feels as cohesive as it does.

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As 'Clockwork' progresses, melodies duck in and out of the eery pads and haunting chords, making for a spacious collaboration.

And track two, '202', somehow levels up from 'Clockwork'. Where 'Clockwork' sees more of a melodic focus, you can hear with '202' that they really want to hit home just how hard a track they can make. In the process, they've put together a high energy track dotted with bleeping synths, piston-pumping percussion and driving vox all for one hell of a DJ tool.

There's two ways to listen to this EP I feel, one as a listener - pulling apart the nuances of each producer and seeing how the collaboration allows Brando to flex his pumping techno muscle, and Kiss his melodic, tech-house muscle. And two, as a DJ, working out where to slot these tracks into a set. Ultimately, they've created something special for both types of listeners, and that's the beauty of it.