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Live Review: PREMIERE: Jonny Reebok makes his presence known with 'You Don't Know Flavors Bwoy'

26 April 2018 | 9:59 am | Emma Jones

Emerging producer Jonny Reebok returns with his second single in 'You Don't Know Flavors Bwoy' to really show what he's made of.

Hailing from Ipswich in the UK but growing up in Western Sydney, emerging producer JONNY REEBOK is most definitely one to watch. Having arrived in style with his debut single, 'Tyrone', he's now back for round two with 'You Don't Know Flavors Bwoy', and once again amalgamates his influences from the mother country with a few tricks he's picked up from the Australian scene.

Sitting somewhere between THE AVALANCHES and BICEP, the influences on Jonny Reebok's are easily identifiable sure, but it's what he does with these influences that makes it special. Kind of giving you that feeling of plunging into a rabbit hole with vibrant imagery being evoked all around, Reebok aims to create a whole experience with his music. Dynamic and ever-interesting, the unpredictable twists and turns his production takes makes for an enthralling listen from start to finish, and 'You Don't Know Flavors Bwoy' is a prime example of this.

Starting off with a funky guitar line and some chanting samples, the atmospherics kick in over a driving beat. Taking a leaf out of fellow emerging producer ALICE IVY's book, Reebok makes his samples work for him, crafting a whole new world into which you want to dive headfirst. 'You Don't Know Flavors Bwoy' possesses some serious vibes that will get into your bones and make you move even without realising, and has us extremely impressed and eager to hear more from the fresh producer.

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Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones