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Live Review: PREMIERE: Jerome Blazé shares another glorious new single in 'Wild Faith'

2 July 2020 | 10:33 am | Emma Jones

Sydney multi-instrumentalist Jerome Blazé gives us another taste of his forthcoming EP with the glorious 'Wild Faith'.

Sydney multi-instrumentalist Jerome Blazé has been on a steady rise recently. With two singles under his belt in the form of 'Comets' and 'UP' (which we were thrilled to premiere back in February), he's carefully begun to carve out a place for himself in the ever-evolving electronic music landscape in Australia thanks to his impeccably detailed, richly textured and wholly encompassing musical stylings. It's the kind of music that whisks you away, helping you momentarily escape as it warmly wraps its way around your mind, and with each release Jerome elevates his standing as a serious act to watch. Now, on the eve of the release of his debut EP, Open, A Home, we get one final sneak peek of what other magic he's been carefully cooking up.

Premiering today on Purple Sneakers, Blazé once again shines with latest single, 'Wild Faith'. Tapping back into everything he's learned during his time of study at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 'Wild Faith' is once again a full-bodied listen. With some gentle vocals to float atop the meticulous bed of beats, captivating saxophone and swelling synth lines, each carefully considered element combines to create a glorious and gripping auditory experience.

Blazé said of the single, "Wild Faith is about self-doubt and a lack of trust in global politics. It features all these interweaving melodies that sort of dance around each other; it’s a conversation between the main synth line, vocals and a saxophone trio. At the end of recording the saxophones at my friend Ollie’s house, we did a few takes of the players improvising all at the same over the top of the song. That ended up being the most beautiful stuff we got out of the session, and you can hear the improvs dotted throughout adding these amazing flares of colour!"

Showing he's a master of creating sublime soundscapes you can't help but get lost in, Jerome Blazé leaves no stone unturned on this latest release. Dive into 'Wild Faith' below:

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Jerome Blazé's debut EP, Open, A Home is out July 3rd via Eyegaze.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied