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Live Review: Jarami leave you completely electrified with 'Hear This'

14 December 2017 | 9:25 am | Jackson Langford

It's always refreshing when a song leads you one way only to take a sharp left turn towards another. It's that fleeting moment of confusion, concern and utter bewilderment that completely removes you from what you think you've come to grasp about typical music structure and thrusts you in a foreign world of exciting new sonic landscapes. JARAMI have managed to do just that with their new jam 'Hear This', and you best believe you're going to want to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all time - this is one wild ride.

Opening with the ever-eerie voices of a children's choir, we're taken back to the glory days of acts like Justice and PNAU. But then, without warning, the beat drops and electricity is sent rushing through every last extension of your body. It is spectacular and unashamed dance music for a post-Soundcloud world, but still has clear harks back to the greats of the genre, the ones that pioneered the entire movement.

'Hear This' is a restrained and meticulous electronic adventure that shows off the skills of Swedish duo Jarami perfectly. Having previously lended their production magic to acts like Frank OceanJanet Jackson and AlunaGeorge, they're no strangers to crafting absolute bangers, and 'Hear This' sets them on course for a superstar career with them in the spotlight.

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