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Live Review: LISTEN: Jamie xx 'Untitled' (Unreleased)

19 November 2013 | 4:32 pm | Tom Hutchins

'Untitled' (Unreleased) isn't a really ironic/satirical/hilarious track title, this new cut has just never been released or titled by Jamie xx himself.

Rejoice electronic music lovers, because, there is brand new JAMIE XX music to be heard. And no, 'Untitled (Unreleased)' isn't a really ironic/satirical/hilarious track title, this new cut has just never been released or titled by the producer himself.

Released to the world via german electronic music blog LATENIGHTMIX, 'Untitled' is ripped from the Jamie xx "Live at Night + Day Berlin" mix, presented by RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) Radio. Which you can listen to in full HERE.

It's been a very hectic couple of years for Jamie (xx) Smith, with much of his time going into the production of his band - The xx - rather than his solo material. This of course, hasn't destroyed his rep, as he has been the producer behind the band's releases - including both of their insanely acclaimed albums. Thus keeping interest enough interest in Young Turks to keep himself on the label, as well as the world - as he's sold out shedloads of club solo shows as he tours with The xx.

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But now, he's finally taking some time to focus on himself. Next year will see Jamie make his way around the world on official Jamie xx tours, including a stop over in sunny Australia for Laneway Festival - as well as releasing a new solo EP. Now whilst it can't be confirmed if this track will be on it or not, we can confirm that if it sounds anywhere near as rad as this track -it's going to be amazing.

You see, Jamie xx is a odd entity. There is so many ties to The xx there, but his solo material really takes all the intricate details of those works and throws them into club setting. Whether it be beats, house, bass, techno orientated or otherwise - there is something there for all electronic lovers. And you really don't have to be into The xx to like it. 'Untitled' is the perfect example of this. There is elements of minimal techno and house in there - but a resounding amount of beat influenced sounds. By intertwining these club elements with subtle oriental instrumentation, and distorted vocals - the result is a truly blissful 6 minute club track.

There is nothing not to like about 'Untitled'. We just hope it finds itself onto an official Jamie xx release very soon.