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Live Review: Jamie xx Reveals Dreamy New Track 'Sleep Sound'

28 March 2014 | 11:50 am | Lauren Payne

Jamie xx has finally blessed us with a brand new original track called 'Sleep Sound'.


JAMIE XX has finally released a brand new track called 'Sleep Sound' which mixes a series of smooth percussion with some lovely distorted synths.

'Sleep Sound'; is the first original track that the producer has released since 'Far Nearer' back in 2011 and his come back could not be more brilliant. THE xx member is a fantastic producer and the fact that he keeps releasing brilliant work, amongst various remixes, just makes it worth the long wait we usually have to endure before hearing new material.

'Sleep Sound' is actually a b-side that will soon be featured on JAMIE XX's forthcoming 'Girl/Sleep Sound' single which will be released by Young Turks in May. For a b-side it definitely has a lot going for it, which makes us that more excited to hear the initial single 'Girl'.

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'Sleep Sound' opens with some wonderful percussion that just seems to sound hollow and mystical, making you think of water droplets as it plays on. Soon some wonderful vocals are brought in as the song slowly builds up into it's dominant melody.

The percussion persists fading in and and out with synths sliding in between the synth layers like a magical snake. The track sounds quite cool and crisp, with the cooing vocals being turned up and down throughout the track giving it a certain texture one doesn't usually hear. JAMIE XX has a very unique sound and here we are able to hear it in all of it's richness.

'Girl/Sleep Sound 'drops through Young Turks on May 5 and pre-orders are all happening. You can pre-order the digital version now and receive 'Sleep Sound' straight away or pre-order the 12" here.

Words by Lauren Payne