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Live Review: James Pepper presents house without pretence on 'Party Track'

18 September 2017 | 10:24 am | Holly O'Neill

Sydney DJ and producer James Pepper creates housey 'Party Track' that is exactly what it says on the tin, filled with warm chords and frantic hats.

JAMES PEPPER has been sprinkling himself around Sydney lately. You might have seen him DJing at a number of warehouse parties and club nights hosted by Gateway Collective, lending some spice with his selections of house and techno. He's also foraying into production, with a few releases under his belt already through the collective's label Gateway Music. Pepper's most recent release 'Party Track' is just that, a house-y tune that's bound to get any party started.

Warm chords are the foundation of this track, with a light drum and bass style percussive line that really shines on top. The snaps of the hi hats skitter away over the beat in the intro, building to a driving turn 2 minutes in. Before the drop, the vocal claims "Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled," and that they have, as a subtle bass line is introduced alongside the commanding percussion.

As the beat pulses on, the repeated chords become more mediative, building up and dropping away to build again, create a consistent head bopper of a tune. The tune isn't too showy because it doesn't need to be, it shines with its smart use of variation in sampling and layered percussion. It's a solid house banger that's set to be matched with an impending B side release coming very soon.

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James Pepper's 'Party Track' is out now through Gateway Music and available on all kinds of streaming services. If you're in Sydney, you can catch him playing a handful of shows in the coming months including a spot at Gateway's Sounds Like A Good Time party at Beach Road Bondi. These guys really like to go literal with their titles.

September 30th - Health Club @ The Flinders

October 1st - Sounds Like A Good Time @ Beach Road Bondi