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Live Review: Jack Grace uses the power of silence on new track 'us'

22 November 2017 | 9:18 am | Molly McLaughlin

Sydney all-rounder JACK GRACE has been turning heads with his slick tracks for some time now, but his latest offering 'us' gives us a window into previously unplumbed emotional depths. The track is a teaser from his forthcoming EP, If I Tremble, set to be released in early 2018, and captures the poignant moment right before the end of a relationship.

'us' is a subtle pastiche of late-era UK club beats, serene piano, distorted vocals and frantic synths. Repetition, changes in tempo, escalating layers of instruments and even silence are all used to tell the story of a romance headed towards inevitable destruction. "Can't talk about..." Grace repeats, as lyrics are left fragmented and hanging, reflecting the emotional distance created in the relationship.

Having trained as a classical and jazz pianist from an early age, Grace has a deep understanding of the structure and also the power of music. “‘us’ is about intimacy and the anxiety that ensues," he explains. "Life tends to hinge off the silence, it’s when someone leaves, emotions brim and relationships end. I wrote this song when I was trying to navigate a silence."

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'us' is a unique track in what it leaves unsaid, how it shines a light on the spaces in between the sounds. While this may sound like a tricky premise for an electronic song, Jack Grace proves he is the man for the job, bringing a light touch to such a heavy subject. This up-and-comer is one to watch.

Image: Supplied