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Live Review: PREMIERE: Christopher Port takes over Jack Grace's 'us' in brilliant new remix

12 December 2017 | 11:59 am | Emma Jones

Sharing a collaborative history of working together, two of the most innovative producers, Jack Grace and Christopher Port, come together on a new remix.

Two of the country's most exciting and innovative electronic producers have come together on a remix that will have you re-writing your end of year lists to make room for it. That's right, taking on JACK GRACE's latest single, 'us', CHRISTOPHER PORT has stepped up to the plate to work his magic and turn the song into something entirely new.

As Grace gears up to deliver his new EP, If I Tremble, in 2018, Port is just coming off the back of delivering his best body of work yet in Everything in Quotes "DARK". Both artists are arguably in their best forms ever at the moment, offering up genre-bending and meticulous music that sounds entirely new and exciting. Now, just when we thought it couldn't get any better, they've come together with this remix, and the results are unsurprisingly brilliant.

Although this isn't the first time Port and Grace have worked together, with the two sharing a long, collaborative history, there is something special about this particular release. What was a James Blake-esque song in its original form has been broken down and built back up, Picasso style - bits and pieces stuck back together in a disjointed, erratic pattern that might sound confusing at first, but if you give your trust to Port in that he knows what he's doing, it's otherworldly and unique. Using the dynamic production that he explored in his EP, Christopher Port uses unpredictable polyrhythms and his penchant for unconventional styles to create an enthralling experience: one that not only captures your attention, but deserves it to fully comprehend the intricacies and surprises in each layer.

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It's not often that you get the feeling that an artist is really on the verge of breaking through, but that's the feeling that I'm getting from Jack Grace as he readies his new EP. Delving further and further into his influences and inspirations, he's come out the other side with a fully fledged sonic identity, and 'us' is a perfect example of where he's heading. Teaming up with Christopher Port for this remix only amplifies this further, showing just how great both of them are not only together, but in their own right as well.

If I Tremble is out early 2018 via Of Leisure.

Words by Emma Jones