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Live Review: PREMIERE: Jack Grace's 'BE4UGO' gets a stellar club remix by ALTA

7 November 2017 | 9:29 am | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne maestros ALTA have created a phantasmal club remix of JACK GRACE’s ‘BE4UGO’, leading the way on this exciting new rework project.

Melbourne maestros ALTA have created a phantasmal club remix of JACK GRACE’s entrancing new release, ‘BE4UGO’.

In the past month we’ve been seen exciting new material both artists, as Grace’s captivating and forlorn-fuelled track was shortly followed by ALTA’s long awaited new single, ‘Sentiment’. All-in-all, this remix really couldn’t come at a better time for these fast emerging talents!

‘BE4UGO’ itself is a stellar new ingress of Grace’s production and songwriting finesse, who has been exploring his musical compass through copious collaborative projects for the past year, while keeping his solo writing well under wraps. The original track utilises glitchy rhythmic textures and colourful, eerie timbres to create a dystopian ambience that underpins a melancholic vocal narration and progressively shifts into a reassuring tenderness in its resolve.

This remix from ALTA is a sure-fire amalgamation of the duo’s signature sound with emotive rawness of Grace’s ‘BE4UGO’, somewhat exacerbating the original's unnerving connotations as resounding space and propulsive percussion are woven into the mix. Split vocal samples and looping wails become subordinate to colourful sonic hues as the track moves through a moody expanse of melodious sounds and into a frenetic territory of dance fuelled electronica.

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In addition to ALTA’s vivid reimagining, fellow Melbourne producer PLANÉTE has also recreated his own arrangement of ‘BE4UGO’, with his trademark vacillating soundscape style. Having supported the likes of Bonobo and Romare in the past, it’s a real treat to hear Planète’s conceptualisation and creative flair amongst this luscious remix offering as well.

Jack Grace ‘BE4UGO’ Remixes are out now via Of Leisure.


Image by: Adrian Price