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Live Review: Jack Grace returns with first single in two years in 'A Ribbon'

26 June 2020 | 1:29 pm | Emma Jones

Jack Grace makes his long-awaited return with his glorious new single, 'A Ribbon'.

His first single in two years, Jack Grace returns with 'A Ribbon'. Embracing his newly re-energised change in sonic direction, Jack Grace is opening himself up to a new chapter marked by a minimal approach to songwriting and production.

Of his new single, Jack Grace said, 'A Ribbon deals with nostalgia, homesickness and mixed feelings about growing up with small-town aspiration. The day I wrote it, I had this sensation that we were slowly waking from a hazy post-millennial suburban dream. Lots of things they told us growing up didn’t pan out how we thought they would and there’s been hope and people lost along the way. A Ribbon (Of A Modest Cold Suburbia) refers to that little piece of silver lining I'm hanging onto.'

'A Ribbon' is such a joy to listen to. Grace has always been a forward-thinking, multi-faceted artist, and while this still rings true in his latest effort, you also get the sense there is something markedly different in his approach for this next chapter. The warm keys, shuffling beat and gentle vocals envelope you as you listen, carrying the song's faint hint of optimism or potential with the expertise we've come to love from the artist. Reminiscent of The War On Drugs, Arcade Fire or even closer to home with Big Scary or #1 Dads, it's an equally reflective and exciting new release, and a promising taste of what might be around the corner.

Channeling a hazy dream, it's nostalgic and liberating, maintaining a flicker of hope even when everything around you is telling you otherwise. Welcome back, Jack Grace — we missed you!

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'A Ribbon' is out now via Of Leisure. Buy/Stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied