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Live Review: India Sweeney delicately floats to the top with 'Fly'

14 December 2017 | 9:29 am | Jackson Langford

In a time where more music exists than ever before, it can seem like a natural pressure to try and make the loudest noise. Do more, say more, try anything bigger and bolder to make sure your art stands out among the rest because, in an instant, it has fallen through the cracks of the infinite web and fades into obscurity. INDIA SWEENEY, however, is making sure that her craft does nothing but soar as she takes a different approach - a quiet, meticulous and delicately beautiful pop moment with 'Fly.'

India Sweeney's voice sounds so pure and angelic, it's almost otherworldly. Her airy, ethereal vocal delivery is both soothing and impactful, as it swirls around us, lifting us up and floating us along this beautiful sonic journey. With an upbringing in classical jazz and piano combined with a powerful influence of electronic music, Sweeney seamlessly melts her musical life together into a succinct and gorgeous pop song that never stops offering.

With each returning listen, you notice something else. Whether it's the subtle yet striking guitar strums underlaying the verses, or the sexy and smooth brass bookending each line of the chorus, India Sweeney has ensured that no detail be left unpolished. What's clear is the attention Sweeney has offered to every last element of 'Fly', but has also made sure that her voice is the shining star soaring across a pristine ocean of melodies, just as it deserves to be.

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Photo by Melinda Anne