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Live Review: Imbi The Girl's 'V.I.P.' could be the sexiest song ever made

4 October 2017 | 10:15 am | Jackson Langford

Describing passion in a relationship and putting it to song can be a tricky thing to master. Will it be too kitsch or will it be too crass? Will anyone even care? Well, with IMBI THE GIRL's sophomore release 'V.I.P', she's proven to be neither kitsch nor crass - but it feels like everyone is going to care.

With rich soul that you'd find in an Amy Winehouse deep cut, Imbi The Girl is proving to be Australia's answer to Lauryn Hill with 'V.I.P' - especially after the spitfire assault of raps we heard in her debut single, 'acidic'. Packed to the brim with beautiful euphemisms and vulnerable obsession, Imbi The Girl spares nothing as she lays out her distractive devotion out on the table - and it's truly like chocolate for the ears.

'V.I.P' is a swirling mix of aggressive sexuality, throbbing passion and all-conquering love that is so vivid you feel like you're experiencing it yourself. "No one goes where you go / You're a V.I.P. inside my velvet rose," she croons on a barely-there melody - sprinkled guitar strums and a rolling drum meter is all that supports the first half of the song. It's as if the love that is beaming from Imbi The Girl is so powerful that it needs nothing to carry it.

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Come the second half of the song, thumping bass and rapid-fire beats charge in. Suddenly the song reaches its powerful, visceral climax as Imbi's lust explodes, fluttering beautifully and delicately. With the final moments slowing right down and letting Imbi catch her breath, her obsessive passion comes full circle. As each lyric drips of oozing sexuality, Imbi The Girl unapologetically asserts herself and her feelings. And, with leaving herself outspread, she wants you to do the same.