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Live Review: Jump onboard Imbi the Girl's energetic debut 'Acidic'

2 August 2017 | 10:20 am | Lloyd Crackett

Imbi the Girl's first release 'Acidic' is a polished display of skill: showcasing her vocals, flow and energy borne from a journey of realisation.

IMBI THE GIRL has only one track out but that’s more than enough to kick this bandwagon off. ‘Acidic’ is combination of impossible flow, raw vocals and tight production. With DeliPres on production duties, Imbi fills every moment with verses rapped and sung - blurring the lines of rap and RnB exploring her own personal journey in which she only had herself to rely on.

‘Acidic’ is a bassy track, underpinned with steel drums and seamlessly borrowing trap elements. It’s obvious that the production itself serves to deliver Imbi’s lyrics; while being rich and complex it never overshadows her. There are delightful pieces of percussion, a xylophone and wonderfully quiet moments that all make it a quite insanely well-produced track for a debut. Imbi and DeliPres are obviously a team who can make a track together, they understand one another’s harmonies. Imbi’s voice is raw, her cries of ‘My mind's getting frustrating, help me through that’ and ‘You don’t really love me, you’re never thinking of me’ hit a spot. They are immediately relatable yet even in their lonely state of thinking it's not jarring and melancholic. ‘Acidic,’ while dealing with a lot of personal issues, trials and tribulations, remains to be a groove-inducing track. The energy put forth by Imbi is intoxicating and her ability to engage with herself with optimism and strength, not derived by arrogance but a self-earned journey of realisation makes her first release a track that will hang around and no doubt be the stepping stone to even bigger things.

Imbi's not rushing to release track after track but has promised the visuals for 'Acidic' are on the horizon. It's definitely going to be worth the wait to see what this artist does and develops into with the absolute potential that this track puts forward.

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