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Live Review: Howls '004' ft. Noah Breakfast

10 May 2014 | 12:00 am | Lauren Payne

The Perth duo Howls have released '004', as we continue counting down to their debut EP.

HOWLS are still slowly building the anticipation for their upcoming EP which still has no name or release date as of yet.

Perth producers TA-KU and KIT POP, the masterminds behind HOWLS, have been using their tracks to count along until the EP's release but as far as we know, we'll be counting to 100 before we hear anything about the release. The waiting is of course fine with us when you have brilliant tracks like this getting released every few months or so.

Since both producers have been hard at work with their own material, KIT POP with his sultry tracks like 'Black N Blue' and TA-KU with his many remixes and collaboration with LA producer MR CARMACK, new HOWLS material is obviously something that sometimes has to wait and luckily we now have '004' to revel in.

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Each single the duo release seems to have it's own identity which incidentally makes guessing the overall sound of their upcoming EP next to impossible whilst also showcasing their versatility. '004' seems to have a very bright aura that feels almost tropical in a way bringing out the lighter side of their project.

With the help of US producer NOAH BREAKFAST, '004' uses those beaming synths to hold together the vocal samples and clapping percussion sounds that bounce steadily throughout the track. The beat is one of the best things about this track as it provides a very solid back bone for the synths to create a melody around. It really sounds simple and that's one of the best aspects of the track as it is light and fun making you really want to let loose.

Now that we have '004' in our hands, we will no doubt have '005' soon enough so keep and eye on HOWLS because you never know when they will decide to spring a new track on us.