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Live Review: Throwdown with Holiday Party's shining debut single 'I'm Still Here'

27 June 2017 | 7:06 am | Freya Dinesen

Brisbane dance-electro-indie fiends HOLIDAY PARTY made their inaugural music debut with the release of their first single, ‘I’m Still Here'.

The duo draw influence from artists like The Avalanches, Beach House and Animal Collective, baking up some fresh tunes using homemade samples and a pop-esque junkyard vibe.

Holiday Party is the brainchild of Luke McDonald and Mel Tickle, born out of various collaboration projects from the Sunshine State and working conceptually on the premise of a twisted end to a teenage house party.

‘I'm Still Here’ is oozing full of dense, musical integrity and packs powerful prowess in the duo’s execution of this creative fantasy. Glistening bells, swaying strings and cloud-like instrument pads grab funky bass and supremely crunchy percussion parts by the reins, and steer this beautiful mismatch of instrument timbres into a suspended, gliding wave of dreamy pop.  

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While its melodies don’t have an instantly catchy hook, ‘I’m Still Here’ is the kind of track that grows and grows on you, eventually encompassing you like a marvellous ray of sunshine that you wouldn’t ever want to let go.

It's still very early days for Holiday Party, so we'll try to be patient for what we hope is the start of many more tunes to come. In the meantime, we recommend a daily dose of praying to the music gods and playing this on repeat.