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Live Review: HNNY enables the light in the sky with his new single 'Sunshine'

13 October 2020 | 4:03 pm | Hannah Galvin

Swedish producer HNNY has released an absolutely gorgeous and thought-provoking double-single. We focus on its second half, 'Sunshine'.

As we await the next full body of work from Swedish producer Johan Cederberg, we've found ourselves in awe by yet another stunning double single release. Known creatively as HNNY, the artist continues to explore the terrains of electronic music outside of club culture with the archival plethora's most recent addition. Though definitely a sister to its predecessor 'So', 'Sunshine' trickles into the fold with a dream-weaving, wandering mind.

Restless butterflies pit the stomach of our warm, golden deity. Memorising movement through the spherical rotation of one complete horizontal orbit, the peel of reoccurring geographical landmarks suggest perpetual structure to earth's place in this verse.

Though grateful for the offering of light he bears in his role, the pull for a chance encounter with her glistening, silvered magic curates the ache felt in his core; for deep down he knows the unrequited meeting must be sacrificed for the importance of routine. That is the solitude of he, allowing the strength of blue, and she, phasing against the wall of dotted midnight.

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So, as he nestles in this thought, solace is gifted through the nature of his existence; humbly bestowing rays of warmth to the ecologies that lay beneath.

HNNY's 'Sunshine' is a part of his recently released double-single 'So' / 'Sunshine', available now. Support the artist directly by purchasing a digital download via his Bandcamp.

Words by Hannah Galvin.

Photo credit: Tim Sweeney