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Live Review: Hi Tom drops a slice of bright R&B pop with 'Vi' ft. Luvocean

28 September 2018 | 3:19 pm | Max Lewis

Norwegian producer Hi Tom has dropped a bright & raw slice of R&B infused electro-pop in the form of 'Vi' ft. Luvocean, the first taste of an upcoming EP.

Norwegian producer HI TOM has released 'Vi' featuring longtime collaborator LUVOCEAN, alongside the announcement of a forthcoming EP, titled U, which is due out via NLV Records on October 12th. It's the first taste of new music since 2017's '365', and also our first glimpse of his upcoming EP.

Since his 2016 debut 'Tablet', Hi Tom has been working with a palette of silky smooth electro-pop, combining feel-good lyrics and sugary-sweet melodies with R&B/hip-hop sensibilities. This isn't the first time he's joined forces with Luvocean, as the pair teamed up for Hi Tom's previously mentioned 2017 single, '365'. The combo of Luvocean's gorgeous vocals with Hi Tom's crisp production is a tried and true method to create great music, and its magic is fully on display with 'Vi'.

'Vi' aims to tell "A story about a person trying to figure out the basics of life, discovering the importance of highlighting all livings things' virtuality/possibilities." To this end it's a song that's very spacious, with layers of sounds drenched in reverb and spread throughout the mix. Luvocean's vocals are mixed in a not-quite-vocoder way, sounding metallic and otherworldly while also trilling in that unique way - alongside the crisp percussion it does a great job of grounding the listener through the track's grander moments.

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'Vi' is just as raw and imperfect as Hi Tom's other tracks, in a way that really sets it apart in the genre of R&B infused electro-pop. There's something compelling about the way he uses harsh effects and samples to balance out the beauty of his melodies, and that kind of finesse is showcased on 'Vi'. Keep an eye out for more Hi Tom as the year finishes up - he's gearing up to drop more tracks and also play a string of DJing dates across Norway.

Vi (feat. Luvocean) - Hi Tom is out now via NLV Records.