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Live Review: Bask in the warm, cosy vibes that is Hemm's 'Dearest Friend'

7 August 2017 | 5:09 pm | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne electronic duo HEMM have released a vibrant video for their evocative single debut, ‘Dearest Friend’, harbouring good vibes and lush visuals.

 Melbourne electronic duo HEMM have released a vibrant video for their evocative single debut, ‘Dearest Friend’.

The pair, comprised of Bobby and Juice, demonstrate a forté for interweaving glossy production, experimental beats and intricate melodies with their candid, honest lyrics.

The name Hemm is a fusion ‘him’ and ‘her’, as a boy and girl who look quite similar. The name is also derivative of the Swedish gender neutral pronoun ‘hen,’ as the Scandinavian language and style reflects on duo’s ethos to be all-inclusive and accepting of today’s gender and racial climate.

‘Dearest Friend’ exhibits convivial synth leads, ornate and complex textural layers and perturbed rhythmic beats. This smoothly jolting soundsphere coalesces with sensitive lyrics, which lay suspended in Juice’s diaphanous vocals. The song mirrors an appreciative tone, as it kindles the warmth and joy that can be felt when surrounded by friends who not only inspire greatness, but also rouse one’s faith in themselves.

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Bobby and Juice explain:

"In our lives we interact with so many people every day. Meetings, classes, workplaces, households, restaurants. Trying to find people to engage in genuine and honest conversation can sometimes seem impossible and a little bit exhausting, especially in these current times. Everyone has those special friends, though, that keep them inspired and motivated. No matter how much time passes, you know you will always feel re-energized and loved up after spending time with them. This is a song for those special people."

This lush, vibrant video is directed by one of the duo’s dearest friends, Rex Kane-Hart. Together, they endeavoured to create an authentic, cosy environment that reflects the warm-and-fuzzy comfort Hemm feel when they are surrounded by these wonderful people.  

‘Dearest Friend’ sounds like a defiant ray of sunshine, harbouring good vibes and mindfulness to fuel you through your week - rain, hail or shine. This lovely number is set to be included on Hemm’s debut EP Space Between Us, which should hopefully reach us later this year.