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Live Review: Hearteyes taps Jordon Alexander (Mall Grab) for emotive new single, 'ELECTROBOY'

12 August 2021 | 2:45 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Warrang/Sydney based artist Hearteyes continue run of singles, this time recruiting Jordon Alexander (Mall Grab) for 'ELECTROBOY'.

Warrang/Sydney based artist Hearteyes continues his golden run of singles, this time recruiting London based Jordon Alexander (Mall Grab) for new track 'ELECTROBOY'. 'ELECTROBOY' is taken from his forthcoming mixtape, 'HEADBANGERS 2' set for release on the 27th of August. The project features recently released singles with guest performances from French artists Brodinski and COUCOU CHLOE, Helix Tears member 8485, as well as a forthcoming track with Australian pop-punk artist Up Late.

'ELECTROBOY' flips his previous, heavy hitting hardcore electro pop singles on their head. A downtempo drum loop taps subtly below a slowly strummed electric guitar, leaving just the space for an emotive vocal delivery from Hearteyes and Alexander. It's a slow burning track, one that ebbs and flows in euphoria, evoking a deep sense of reflection, one that sits with you well after its 3 minute run time. Alongside the release comes a beautiful visualiser as an accompaniment, put together with footage from Google Maps from the Icelandic Coast.

Of the single, Hearteyes explains; "The song is a namesake to the novel ‘Electroboy’ by Andy Behrman, a biography that traverses the nuances of bipolar’s peaks and troughs. The song basically talks about running away from one’s problems and disappearing for days to weeks with no word of warning to anyone. While selfish to observers, the protagonist treats it as a pilgrimage to self enlightenment, using past memories and experiences to outline a map to where one must travel to achieve happiness and normality."

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