Live Review: Let HANDSOME and Joyride take you to a 'Late Night Ball Game'

23 October 2017 | 11:00 am | Max Lewis

Sydney's HANDSOME (aka Caitlin Park) has dropped 'Late Night Ball Game' ft. Joyride: a 'tomboy pop and brooding electronica' track with a hopeful message.

It's a huge day for Sydney artist HANDSOME aka Caitlin Park; not only has she just signed with Dot Dash Recordings and announced an EP titled No Hat No Play to be released in 2018, she's also unveiled a brand new single and music video for 'Late Night Ball Game' featuring Joyride.

Described as a mix of "tomboy pop and brooding electronica", HANDSOME is a project all about self expression and obsessive creativity. With her name a nod to her identity as a queer woman, she uses her knack for DIY production to craft defiant pop songs about friends, love, kissing girls and being yourself.

'Late Night Ball Game' perfectly evokes the feelings of the title: it's thick electro-pop with trap inspired percussion and production reminiscent of early BANKS, replete with sharp synth stabs and manipulated vocals. Joyride's vocals appear as a deep and powerful voice that plays along beautifully with the more subtle yet equally strong vocals of Park. It's a track that ebbs and flows from heavy and loud to soft and minimal seamlessly, with some catchy hooks and gorgeous production to boot.

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HANDSOME says that the song evokes the headspace of someone revealing a secret to someone they love:

"It follows the story of a person coming out to their friends, their family, their loved ones. A story that often reflects turmoil, and hurt and pain. Why do we instil fear in our young ones who are simply wanting to reveal who they truly are?"

The video follows this story beautifully, focusing on five friends and members of the queer community - including Park herself - as they bring each other "strength, support and the power to be themselves - despite what the world throws at them."

The track was written over a year ago, yet still finds relevance today - a testament not only to the songwriting of HANDSOME but to the social,  political and mental turmoil LGBTQI+ people face now more than ever. 'Late Night Ball Game' is a much needed reminder of community, friendship and love in a time where many may feel like they are completely alone. It's an immensely important track showcasing not only production and songwriting prowess, but a light at the end of the tunnel.

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