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Live Review: LISTEN: Hand Games Mixtape #15

13 October 2013 | 12:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Live music collective Hand Games have just dropped their October mixtape!

It's that time again, when Australian live music collective HAND GAMES release their next monthly mixtape! An overlook of October, you'll find both newcomers and Hand Games mixtape residents amongst the spread of new tracks.

Being the 15th mixtape instalment, it's quite obvious that our Hand Games buddies are well in the know of finding exceptional artists within our local music scene.

With twelve tracks on display, you'll come across Seekae's sensual newbie 'Another', Yard Duty's cheeky rendezvous 'Vierboom's Room', Movement's first single 'Feel Real' and The Gooch Palms' 'Novo's'; the title track of their freshly released debut LP! You'll also stumble across 'Slumming It In Paradise' at the halfway mark - that being the collaborative effort from Jonti and Big Scary that they constructed for the Adidas Music Project. Check out the recording process of that below.

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As always, the package is completely yours for free, which is great! Though the best part about the Hand Games mixtape series is the perpetual support that comes from it. With Hand Games promoting the names of these great acts, you and I are both then able to follow suit, as well as spreading the good word of the collective just by downloading, listening and sharing the love! Now that's a win-win.

Grab the Hand Games Mix #15 HERE.

Words by Hannah Galvin.