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Live Review: Hand Games Mix #21

18 July 2014 | 12:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Music collective Hand Games have just dropped their 21st Mixtape packed with all the goods!

Your 21st birthday is a pretty big deal. Although you're already allowed to do everything that is legal, it's a much greater milestone than 18, yet also signifies the final youthful birthday that heralds any sort of importance. So why not dig deep and go large with the festivities?

Having gone missing for the past two months, we're seriously relieved that our music frondz at HAND GAMES have finally delivered their anticipated 21st mixtape. Contrary to the first paragraph of this article implying that you turn old and lame by your next hugely significant birthday, Hand Games will probably remain hot, young and fresh for at least another 50 mixtapes. However, a commonality that they do share with the party-goers on the brink of their youth is that they've too gone to town for their 21st monthly gem. Expanding the mixtape for our willing ears, they've not only included brand new releases, but have extended the list with two extra tunes as opposed to the regular 12-track package.

Welcomed by JimmyPizza's orange frog possessive over a melting Splice icecream, the amphibian accompanies us as we hang out with a bunch of fantastic newcomers and beloved residents of not only the mixtape series, but our expansive Australian music scene. Ciggie Witch strums through their lovely guitar-ridden journey, 'Long Weekend' before Richard In Your Mind lift us up with their fluttery new single, 'Hammered'. Yes Please's latest signing Lucianblomkamp spoils us with his debut album's leading single, 'Help Me Out', Wollongong duo Hockey Dad win our hearts with 'I Need A Woman' and Sydney legends Straight Arrows share a slice of their brilliant sophomore record Rising with its tenth track, 'Don't Call My Name'.

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A ridiculously good looking bunch, we're priveliged to see the Hand Games crew back in action as they source our new favourite artists that continue to blossom in the big, strange music world. You can download Hand Games' 21st Mixtape for free via their BANDCAMP.


1. RaRa ft. Friendships 'Green Beat'

2. Airling 'The Runner'

3. Ciggie Witch 'Long Weekend'

4. Richard In Your Mind 'Hammered'

5. Tim Shiel 'Achewaters'

6. Mei Saraswati 'Kidnapped Via Time Travel'

7. Emerse 'Spiral'


9. Lower Plenty 'On The Beach'

10. Excess 'Landmark'

11. Hockey Dad 'I Need A Woman'

12. Straight Arrows 'Don't Call My Name'

13. UV Boi ft. Flonn Richards 'Thank You'

14. CLN 'Better Than'

Words by Hannah Galvin.