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Live Review: LISTEN: Hand Games Mix #20

29 April 2014 | 3:25 pm | Hannah Galvin

Hand Games are back with their 20th mixtape featuring the likes of Total Control, Yon Yonson, Sui Zhen and more!

Ever seen a purple dog before? How about a purple dog fashioning a yellow bandana whilst balancing a green dinosaur skull on her head? No, it's not something you'll find on Dogs Wearing Hats, Matilda the dog (created by Jimmy Pizza) represents the Hand Games' 20th Mixtape!

Luen Jacobs and Marcus Thaine of the Australian live music collective are clinking glasses and hip hip hooraying for they can celebrate their 20th prosperous month of collating mixtapes made up of extremely talented yet somewhat underrated musicians, sourced from across the country.

Always packed with diversity, this month's mix features twelve standout tracks including Total Control's post-punk induced 'Flesh War', Yon Yonson's desire to "be someone" with 'Nothing To Be Done', the slow groove of Yujen and Chet Faker's collaborative track 'Try It Over', Sui Zhen's breathy 'Pipe Dreams' and Sex On Toast's sultry 'Hold My Love' that is as hot as peanut butter melting on a slice of freshly crisped bread.

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Just as it has always been, the Hand Games legends continue to release the tapes as free digital downloads. So if you're feeling a little deprived of some quality ear candy, look no further than their BANDCAMP and stock up on some amazing Australian tuneage. Party times guaranteed.


1. Klo 'Make Me Wonder'

2. Total Control 'Flesh war'

3. King Single 'Restart Newstart Allowance'

4. Yon Yonson 'Nothing To Be Done'

5. Yujen 'Try It Over'

6. Mei Saraswati 'Swamp Gospel'

7. Milwaukee Banks 'Pluto Bounce'

8. Drunk Mums 'PLASTIC'

9. Sui Zhen 'Pipe Dreams'

10. Turkish Prison 'Ancient City Rebuilt'

11. Ela Stiles 'Drone Transitions'

12. Sex On Toast 'Hold My Love'

Words by Hannah Galvin.