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Live Review: LISTEN: Hand Games Mix #18

23 January 2014 | 6:16 pm | Nick Luke

LISTEN to the latest monthly mixtape from HAND GAMES, featuring a huge lineup of homegrown artists.

The start of another month brings the sweet sounds of another rad mixtape surfacing from depths of the HAND GAMES vaults, mixed as per usual by the head of the party-fueled institution - the lovely Ms. LUEN.

Not only is this a new monthly mix, but it's the first of the 2014 mixtapes - and boy have they kicked it off with a bang, possibly even topping their previous efforts with such a tracklisting filled to the absolute brim with block-rocking, feel-inducing tunes by Australia's fav artists of the moment.

Featuring countless (well, 13) artists from all around Australia, including ELIZABETH ROSE, and SAFIA, among may others -  the quality of the HG mixtapes are picking up momentum as the months roll along, proving two things:

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1) The HAND GAMES dudes certainly have their finger on the pulse of the Aussie music scene.

and 2) The amount of homegrown talent coming out of this country is fucking loco right now.

So what more are you waiting for? Get all up inside of this tape. Stream it, download it, and share it with your friends to prove how cool you are.


1. Elizabeth Rose - Out Of Step

2. Blank Realm - Falling Down The Stairs

3. Royal Headache - Stand and Stare

4. Snowy Nasdaq - Physical Parts

5. Hubert Clarke Jr - Pure Brita Water (filtered juice)

6. Safia - Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues

7. Emerse - Hiding You

8. Retiree - Together

9. ScotDrakula - Break Me Up

10. The Babe Rainbow - Love Forever

11. Home Travel - My Shadow

12. Romi - I'm R♀MI!

13. Noah Slee - Can't Stop


Words by Nick Luke