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Live Review: Greaves keeps busy with two new releases

12 October 2020 | 10:11 am | Emma Jones

Brisbane producer Greaves has been a busy man lately, releasing not one but two new EPs on the same day recently.

Brisbane producer Greaves has been a busy man lately, releasing not one but two new EPs on the same day recently. A sonic exploration of the many different forms of solitude, both releases highlight Greaves as a vital force on his local scene of Brisbane and beyond.

The first EP, Fax/Island, is released via Brisbane's own EARTHED and was mastered by Lucas Reid (aka Health Club). In Greaves' own words, he said this EP is for "listening, dancing, relaxing, socialising, walking, meditating. Whatever you may find in it." Expressing that he wants the listener to find similar "great solitude" just as he does in the tracks 'I Got Your Fax' and 'Islands In The Distance', the natural flow of the soft synths and energetic textures of the percussive elements make for a introspective listening experience. Custom made for guiding your mind wherever it might wander, Fax/Island is the perfect soundtrack for those moments of reflection, however you might find it.

Greaves further explained the release, saying, "Both of these tunes were written and recorded between 2018 and 2020 and accurately reflect my focuses and surroundings during that time. Attending raves on the weekend is fun, especially in the blossomed Brisbane scene - but there is something to be said for supplementing that lifestyle with nature immersion and a focus on life’s natural beauties.

"I find that writing comes most easily in a relaxed, open state. Which, for me, occurs most naturally when set up in a spot in the woods, near the coast, in the sun or returning to studio after enjoying a selection of those."

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The second release comes via a VA courtesy of Hank YM's Melbourne label, ILIO Records. Titled ilio KIPO, this marks the label's first digital release and sees Greaves joined by afd.s, Hank YM and Hobbimann. Purposefully varied, ilio KIPO represents the ebb and flow of isolation each of the artists experienced and is a similarly meditative release with the label describing it as "Meditations to movement inducing breaks. For wherever your mind and body is at during this time of change."

From 'Sattava's Garden' to a tribute mix to the aforementioned 'I Got Your Fax' (because we love continuity), both tracks hear Greaves demonstrate similar sonic explorations of solitude, this time borne from enforced isolation. Rising to the occasion with his compilation-mates also delivering exceptional, diverse and captivating offerings, ilio KIPO is another soundtrack for reflection however you may find it.

Both releases are out now.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: @zandamylo