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Live Review: GRAACE drops 'Last Night' and announces debut EP

7 September 2018 | 4:00 pm | Max Lewis

Sydney singer-songwriter GRAACE has announced her debut EP 'Self Sabotaged' and shared 'Last Night', a minimal, piano-driven cut with a message of hope.

It's barely four months since Sydney singer-songwriter GRAACE became a recognisable name in Aussie music, and she's certainly making the most of it. She's just announced her debut EP - titled SELF SABOTAGE - which is due out October 26th. She's also given us a taste with the first single 'Last Night', written alongside Xaiver Dunn.

GRAACE's debut 'Kissing Boys' captured everyone's attention from the get-go, and for a very good reason. Blending a melancholy singer-songwriter piano style with glittery electropop, it showcased a tight understanding of self-aware songwriting and pop production. She also featured on Hayden James' 'Numb' (which she also co-wrote), and was a touring vocalist on Flight Facilities' 'The Return Flight' tour this year. In a short time, GRAACE has proved to be one of the finest upcoming artists this year, and with Xavier Dunn (Kota BanksLANKSJack River) on board, SELF SABOTAGE is looking to be one hell of a debut.

'Last Night' can be seen as a paired back version of 'Kissing Boys', retaining the piano foundation yet with much more subtle electropop touches. Simple piano chords and isolated vocals give way to a gorgeously packed chorus with layered vocals and quiet synths. The track flows between downtrodden verses and uplifting choruses, as though the narrator is coming to some sort of realisation after a long time of struggling. GRAACE explained, "While sitting at my piano one night, I realised I’d been writing about the same situation for years but with different people. I was managing to recreate the same scenarios in other relationships because I wasn’t fully in love with myself before committing to somebody else.” 

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With just some piano and her vocals, GRAACE has painted a bold picture of self-awareness and a desire to change. 'Last Night' shows remarkable versatility; she can craft quirky left-field pop about kissing boys, but she can also dish out songs from the heart that share a message of hope. There's no doubt GRAACE is onto something big here, and SELF SABOTAGE is surely gonna be huge when it drops in October.