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Live Review: Golden Vessel, Mallrat and Elkkle team up for stellar track 'Shoulders'

15 June 2017 | 9:51 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Brisbane darlings Mallrat, Elkkle and Golden Vessel team up on 'Shoulders' to create a wonderful electronic r&b blend about relationships through technology

It’s already been a leaps and bounds kind of year for GOLDEN VESSEL -, announcing an EP, a tour with visuals, a beautiful music video and being signed to The Kite String Tangle’s label, Exist. Recordings. It’d be understandable if he just took a moment to chill, yet that just isn’t on his horizon. Golden Vessel has decided to release yet another new single in ‘Shoulders’ and well, it isn’t just good – it’s star-studded with Brisbane’s sweetest and most talented MALLRAT and ELKKLE.

‘Shoulders’ slides perfectly into the trail-blazed by Golden Vessel; it’s got his hip-hop leanings, indescribable synths and unstoppable groove. It’s classic GV without seeming stale. Each track he puts out shows growth as an artist, gaining in complexity while never seeming like he’s packed too many ideas in. The track isn’t a stomper, it’s not for cutting shapes or getting down like it’s 5:05pm and you’ve just escaped the grind. It’s an electronic RnB blend meditating on a particular style of love, with lyrics like ‘Your head is a weathered home, Your heart isn’t ahead alone, it’s waiting on your phone,’ sung by Elkkle really hammering the point of the track.

Described by Golden Vessel as being about relationships and how they develop through technology, it’s a look into how we truly can stay connected through technology. We can all live our lives while our connections with people are legitimately kept through a good wifi signal. It’s not millennial dependency but modern resources - you can always be in your best friend’s pocket.

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Mallrat, as always, is the darling of Brisvegas – her verses are chill as they bob over the production, "Hurt my smile like a new retainer," and, "I still look for good intentions, in every social that I consider it, I may be too considerate." Mallrat’s verses are without grandstanding, much like Golden Vessel’s production. It’s hip hop without the insistence of bravado, it’s verses about feelings rather than posturing. Mallrat’s done the excellent job of being entirely relatable and not just because she referenced the hallowed Northside of Brisbane. All in all, three of electronic music's coolest came together to create a track that’s a culmination of the marvellous talent Brisbane and beyond has to offer. Hopefully, it gets that Triple J rotation as it no doubt will climb that hottest 100.

Golden Vessel is soon kicking off his tour, supported by Elkkle all along, playing in Melbourne, Sydney and his hometown of Brisbane. Details below. Golden Vessel’s EP is expected out later this year on Exist Recordings.


Thursday, June 29 | The Workers Club | Melbourne

Friday, June 30 | The Foundry | Brisbane

Thursday July 6 | Brighton Up Bar | Sydney