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Live Review: PREMIERE: Friendships takes Golden Syrup out of this world with 'Perfect' remix

22 March 2018 | 11:01 am | Emma Jones

GOLDEN SYRUP is not only one of the best toppings for pancakes, but also a fresh new project from Melbourne's Sara Retallick, whose sole aim is to provoke thought by melding together her studies in sound and art to create a multidisciplinary approach across visual, sound and performance art. Last month, she released a self-titled debut (the first to be released on vinyl via NICE MUSIC) and has already added some seriously notable dates to her resume such as a performance at DARK MOFO. Fast forward to now, and we're gifted with some more Golden Syrup, but not how you'd expect.

The syrup itself is viscous, thick and moves at its own pace, and much like this, so too does Golden Syrup's 'Perfect'. With thick synths, a constant and urgent beat, viscous guitars and soaring, immediate vocals, 'Perfect' in its original form feels like a sludge oozing towards you, consuming you. However, today we have a new remix from friendships that is, quite literally, very much the opposite.

In true friendships style, there is nothing predictable about this remix. Chopping up 'Perfect' and sticking it back together to resemble an almost Picasso-ish take - vocals here, synths there - this remix is a 6+ minute rave. It's an all-out assault, moving at breakneck speed, almost doubling over itself and sounding like something not of this earth. Where the original was controlled and deliberate, this remix is deliberately chaotic, and turns Golden Syrup inside out and back again, dragging it into the underground where friendships reigns supreme.

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A true melding of the minds, this is an almighty remix that shows the true value of having someone else take over your work to allow it to take on another life. Completely mind-bending, the urgency and immediacy of Retallick's original is still present, only this time it's amplified by friendships penchant for creating relentless bangers. Strap yourself in for this one!

Golden Syrup's self titled debut is out now via NICE MUSIC. Catch Golden Syrup at her album launch tomorrow night!

Golden Syrup Album Launch + Match Fixer Tape Launch

Secret Location

$10 entry

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones