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Live Review: PREMIERE: Golden Eye deliver a restless balance on 'Poltergeist'

29 May 2019 | 12:17 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Inspired by Bristol's underground, George FitzGerald (no, not that George FitzGerald) and Shane Jarvie-Kohn have come together for a new collaborative project. GOLDEN EYE is the name of their creative baby, and today, they've trusted us with the first taste of their debut single 'Poltergeist'.

They've drawn from elements of UK post-punk and Bristol's underground to create a contemporary melting pot of jazz-fusion, rolling basslines and haunting vocals. The pair began jamming together around five years ago, and since then, they've been working hard at honing in on the Golden Eye sound, wanting their sound to be wholly true to the project.

Of 'Poltergeist', Shane said “This one was actually an old experimental beat of mine that G was able to work some of that magic on. We've had it hanging around for years and I think just the fact it's lasted the test of time made deserved the holy title of first release.”

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There's a restless ambience to the track that is calmed by George's voice, creating a dynamic balance that if separated, would come across in an entirely different way. The three-and-a-bit minute odyssey spans light, industrial textures, immense sonic depth and does a great job of utilising space. Each sound has its place on the sonic soundscape and one thing that strikes me is how excellent the sound placement and panning is.

The beauty of 'Poltergeist' isn't about whether or not it's a banger. It's about balance, nuance and more than anything, a massively profound understanding of how created sound works to ones advantage. Golden Eye are totally self-aware, and with this first taste, it's only onwards and upwards from here.