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Live Review: LISTEN: Gold Fields 'Moves' (Yuksek Remix)

25 August 2012 | 9:00 am | Allie Speers

Yuksek has released his hazy beat filled remix of Gold Fields' 'Moves', and some would even call it magic.

YUKSEK has just dropped another killer; and it is splendour at its best. France’s finest DJ/Remixer/Music Producer has continued his tradition of making magnificence out of greatness; GOLD FIELDS ‘Moves’ now added to the long list of magic spun from the gentleman’s fingertips.

Initially, ‘Moves’ makes you want to do as instructed - move. With a great beat and a wicked edge, ‘Moves’ is one to dance to, hard. “And in the hospital, I couldn’t feel my face.” And when I dance to this song I can’t feel my brain. It’s mind numbingly good, especially nearing the end when it gets all climactic and shit, and you couldn’t stop dancing even if you wanted to.

YUKSEK takes it down a notch. While there’s still that familiar edge and those intriguing lyrics, it’s all hazy days and beats that transport you from the night hours to some fun in the sun. You know the synth is good when you feel like you’re floating through air and underwater all at the same time.

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GOLD FIELDS ‘Moves’ is no doubt an excellent song. But let’s face it, YUKSEK has the magic. With a killer bass line and an additional 100% reverb, YUKSEK has once again proved his own greatness. Not that further proof is really necessary, I mean look at the guys repertoire. Regarding this however, let us not judge the man on his past; I feel this is important. Let us instead revel in the now, the grandeur he continues to pump out like some sort of well oiled machine.