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Live Review: Hum to the gorgeous 'Enumerating', as we wait for the release of Godtet's 'II'

20 May 2019 | 6:51 pm | Hannah Galvin

Sydney multi-instrumentalist Godtet has given light to 'Enumerating' - the first listen from his forthcoming second album, II.

Reinvigorating jazz by cutting edge and collating beats to bring it new meaning in a contemporary world, Sydney multi-instrumentalist GODTET is adding fuel to a delightful fire with the announcement of and first single off his second album, II.

The live formatted incarnation to his Godriguez project, Dave Rodriguez has worked tirelessly over the last few years, establishing himself as an incredibly talented instrumentalist and open-minded curator. Holding residencies with friends at Marrickville's LazyBones Lounge, and performing at venues, boutique festivals, art galleries and warehouses all over the East Coast of Australia, whilst simultaneously working as Godriguez (particularly the huge Vol. 1 '14-18' vinyl drop with accompanying 8-piece beattape series), the musician has naturally (and deservedly) pricked the ears of the esteemed UK jazz scene, and will only shape a greater name for himself through the progressive release of II.

Caught in a daydream, our youthful protagonist peers into the clouds, head softly resting in a nestle of blooms, as she marvels over the one she so relentlessly desires. Time elapsing, her heart flutters with the speed of a hi hat; moving as if being whisked like batter in a bowl.

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Cheeks rosing as sun dapples over, the jovial romance explodes into glimmers of glittery gold, as beats move freely together, harmonising with gentle guitars in which only half the strings are struck, keys shed little weight and elongated electronics weave cohesively to enunciate this innocently smite moment.

A mind perpetually switched on and vigorously crafting, the 9-track follow up to his 2017 debut long play is an unbelievable product of improvisation, as well as a guise into Godtet's extraordinary live show. Continuing to celebrate the individual flair and style of his musical brothers, Godtet and his band have extended collaborative welcome to Hiatus Kaiyote's Simon Mavin, as well as Zeke Ruckman of 30/70 and Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.

'Enumerating' is the first take from Godtet's forthcoming second album II, due for independent release on Friday, 19th July 2019. Snag a pre-order to hear it first both digitally and on wax via Godtet's Bandcamp.

Words by Hannah Galvin.