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Live Review: PREMIRE: Get to know Chase Zera on her debut 'Clovers'

1 March 2019 | 10:01 am | Caitlin Medcalf

CHASE ZERA's one of those artists who was born to perform. Kicking off her passion for performance at age six, she fell into the world of dancing and fell in love. Excelling in pretty much every kind of dance, including ballet, commercial jazz and cabaret, she then began trying her hand at music.

At age thirteen, she began singing and learning the piano which allowed her to begin writing her own songs. She's had a big career already, working hard over the years to hone her craft including a sting at Ableton Live School and collaborations with various artists like Amastro, Xavier Dunn, Stu Turner of Set Mo, WongoGANZ and more.

She's here today with her smashing debut single, and we're damn stoked to be premiering it here at Purple Sneakers.

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It's called 'Clovers', and it was co-produced by Xavier Dunn. The track is an empowering one, all about regaining self-confidence and celebrating independence. This one comes from her as an independent release too.

It's a pop anthem that works hard to showcase her songwriting abilities, vocal prowess and production skill. The complexities of the lyrical content are reflected very aptly in the hard-hitting production, and the slick sheen of this one comes through with years of experience.

Of the single, she said "Often as humans we look for signs in situations, for instance finding a four leaf clover is seen as a sign of good luck. ‘Cutting Clovers’ is a take on life’s signs and symbolises the moment in a relationship I decided to stop looking into signs and using them to make excuses for someone’s behaviour and instead got the courage to see the toxic situation for what it really was and stand up for myself."