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Live Review: PREMIERE: Friend Within takes George Maple's 'Hero' to deep, new places

12 October 2017 | 9:59 am | Jackson Langford

GEORGE MAPLE has made a name for herself in the Australian music industry. We all know that. Her sultry, often ominous pop bangers are in a lane all their own. When she released 'Hero' earlier this year, it was a refreshing peek into the soul of an otherwise fortressed woman. It was a sobering reminder that vulnerability exists even among those who seem most impenetrable. But, now that George Maple has given us that essential glimpse, she's ready for a sunny makeover and FRIEND WITHIN is the one to do it.

While the original 'Hero' is a soaring anthem, Friend Within subverts it to become a deep-house banger while still respecting the source material. An infectious keyboard melody is injected into the chorus, completely coating the song in gold. While the lyrical content is still very much intensely personal, Friend Within adds a magic touch to the song with his restrained use of house elements. He still lets the song cool down once the chorus has hit boiling point, giving it a different sort of climax that the original offered. It's that similar slow build that connects the original and Friend Within's rework, despite the two versions seeming worlds apart.

With George Maple's heart on her sleeve, Friend Within has given her room for her scars to heal. He's given a beaming light to shine behind clouds of grey, and if Maple was indeed looking for a hero, she just might have found one.

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