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Live Review: Have a 'GoodTime' with G Elenil's soulful new track

5 March 2018 | 7:50 am | Max Lewis

Multi-talented Brisbane producer G Elenil has dropped 'GoodTime', the latest taste of her upcoming EP and a soulful alt-r&b cut.

We picked Brisbane based, Cypriot-Australian producer, visual artist and street wear label owner G Elenil as one of our Artists to Watch for 2018. With her latest track 'GoodTime', she's not only exceeded our expectations but outdone herself as well.

'GoodTime' is our second taste of her upcoming debut EP titled Kin, due out in May. Her leading single, 'Something', was an endearing trap-adjacent hip-hop banger and a fantastic example of her vibrant and confident persona. 'GoodTime' displays a more nuanced, subtle and refined sound than ever before, and proves she's got more than one string to her musical bow.

Co-produced with fellow Brisbanite tomtom, 'GoodTime' bounces along with a more contemplative energy compared to the bright pep of 'Something'. Reverse-reverb soaked piano chords lay the foundations while a weirdly syncopated beat constantly shifts patterns, keeping you on your toes and evoking a dizzying headspace. Meanwhile, G Elenil soars with restrained yet expressive singing that has remarkable presence within the minimal mix.

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With a blend of alt-RbB and Pop, 'GoodTime' refines her strong and catchy persona, yet shows a deeper, more personal side of G Elenil. The track always sounds like its on the verge of getting huge but always steps away from the edge - this masterful push-and-pull plays really nicely with the themes of the track, and is a wonderful expression of G Elenil's multi-faceted craft. It's got hooks and a dance-pop structure, yet is much more expansive than it appears on the surface. Given what we've heard so far, we have no doubt her debut Kin will be a stunner when it drops later in May.