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Live Review: Foster The People 'Best Friend' (Wave Racer Remix)

5 June 2014 | 12:43 pm | Gavin Butler

Waver Racer might just be enough to get you through winter. If nothing else, this Foster The People remix will be waiting by the time summer rears its head.

As far as party-starters go, you'd be hard-pressed to find any two artists as incendiary as FOSTER THE PEOPLE and WAVE RACER outside of the DESTINY'S CHILD back catalogue. Now the two are bound in sweaty, dance-happy wedlock: a marriage sealed and beautifully consummated in WAVE RACER's typically synthy remix of 'Best Friend'.

It's cold as hell in Sydney right now, and more than a little wet. Winter has well and truly swallowed us all. And yet, in spite of the biting chill and the dead grey skies, there is a small collective of musical freedom fighters tirelessly bearing the tropical torch and nurturing the sun-struck vibes for the sake of us poor, embittered souls.

See YOUNG FRANCO; see COSMO'S MIDNIGHT; see GIRAFFAGE. WAVE RACER is something like the George Clooney of this collective—consistently cooking up warm, summery, 64-bit beats and throwing them to the masses. And the heat coming off of this track is almost palpable.

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FOSTER THE PEOPLE's original was all but packed to the proverbial rafters with blissed out vibes and pop-happy charm. Mark Foster's kind of a big deal for that sort of thing. But WAVE RACER has a knack for finding any space not catered for and catering the shit out of it: up the tempo, up the synth, up the energy. It might just be enough to get you through winter—if nothing else, it'll be waiting by the time summer rears its head again. Best friends indeed.

Words by Gavin Butler

Photo via Voena