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Live Review: The unity of disco and house in Folamour's new EP

24 August 2017 | 7:56 am | Julie Fenwick

FOLAMOUR has given birth to a child of Disco and House in his new EP 'The Power and Blessing of Unity'. Give it a listen.

It’s hard to envisage a lone Frenchman giving birth, on the other hand it’s likely that no one actually wants to. FOLAMOUR, however, has done it in a way that is Appealing. Addictive. Absorbing. Alliteration.

This birthing is a child made of disco and house- one that has grown exponentially into his latest EP, The Power and Blessing of Unity. With crisply cut samples, gut-punching brass with the odd solo (if there’s no solo, what’s the point of brass?), and a staple funk that all those that grew up in the 70’s would be familiar with, the EP consists of the child’s three distinctive personalities.

The first, the title track, is sexy yet serious with a strong backbone, heavy bass and a voice that just wants everyone ‘to dance to the beat’. It's the leader, the big start, the 'j'en est c'est quoi' if you will. ‘Home Beyond the Clouds’ is a little lighter, a little more fun, and just wants to make sure everyone’s having a good time. He likes the jungle, bringing it to us from the onset and allocates a tasty section to some Afro-Cuban drumming. And finally, we have ‘Island of Recent Father’, an assertive and a gospel-type, uplifting but with a stable beat. He’s a bit nostalgic, a bit quirky but it works. A well-rounded character and a well-rounded EP, The Power and Blessing of Unity is a work that shows how great a father Folamour can be.

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Though we're a little bit green, a little bit new to Folamour's presence in the clubbing/ music world, the emerging talent is one to be discussed in future articles. So it looks like the future is good both for Purple Sneakers and for Folamour. For himcurrently working on some new material for some new projects, and for us; being able to cover that.