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Live Review: Disco is all you need in Folamour's new track, 'Devoted to U'

18 September 2017 | 11:00 am | Julie Fenwick

You’d have to wonder how someone has that much vitality let alone how they keep their material continuously fresh. Folamour doesn’t seem to have a problem.

FOLAMOUR is a busy, busy boy, isn’t he? Since last covering the release of his The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP in mid-August, in mid-September he has given us yet another EP in Oyabun. As if that wasn't enough, he's then followed this with the release of the first three singles for his debut album, due out September 29th, all while being on his largest tour to date which saw him cruising around the World from Croatia to USA, from France to Canada.

You’d have to wonder how someone has that much vitality, let alone how they keep their material continuously fresh. Folamour doesn’t seem to have a problem with either of these. I remember watching a couple of his live shows online and apart from taking note of his signature bucket-hat aesthetic, I noticed that he seemed to be a crowd favourite, accumulating much love from online and real life fans. No doubt one of the reasons for this is his ability to produce new music frequently. But it is also because of his grungy, disco beats, lively jazz and 70’s/ 80’s inspired vocals, which are an easy listen for all.

‘Devoted to U’, is one of the latest releases from Folamour (it’s hard to keep track because of his machine-like ability to produce new music) and is perhaps one of the most commercial tracks he has produced. And boy is it good!

Folamour takes us back to the 70’s, or more accurately, he brings the 70’s to us, flips it on it’s head, makes it a bit modern, a bit more energetic, but all in all, completely his. There’s a slowed down break in the middle section that extends to the end of the song where the vocals submerge from underwater and a RnB beat appears. This shows a couple of things, primarily Folamour’s ability to work with multiple genres in one track, but also his mastering of production.

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This release is one of soul, of playfulness, one with a theme of devotion and blessedness. It’s one of the most upbeat tracks I’ve heard from Folamour and I’m also guessing it will be an upcoming crowd favourite.

So to reiterate, ‘Devoted to U’ is the third (or maybe the fourth) taste off Folamour’s upcoming album, Unami, out September 29. If it follows the theme of the first few releases, it’s likely to be a great success. I would also recommend checking out the Oyabun EP- truly great stuff.