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Live Review: Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar 'Never Catch Me'

4 September 2014 | 9:07 pm | Darren Ng

Flying Lotus teams up with Kendrick Lamar on jazz beater of a track 'Never Catch Me' from his fifth album 'You're Dead'.

Flying Lotus often finds himself in overlapped circles in a venn diagram of genres; experimental electronica, hip-hop, rap are a few of those being thrown around.

With each collaboration he takes up, he takes on a different persona. 'Coleman Groove' featuring Andreya Triana and Niki Randa shows off his bountiful knowledge in all things jazz, while 'Little Hours' featuring Baths, matches Flying Lotus to a electronica perfectionist.

If anyone is into cartoons and all that, Flying Lotus has 'About that time, A glitch is a glitch' produced as a 'mathematical' credit track for an episode of popular cartoon series Adventure Time.

With new track 'Never Catch Me', Flying Lotus has got Kendrick Lamar on his team now, rallying a perfect score with Kendrick's flowing bumblebee colloquy of heavy thoughts and emotions. With 'You're Dead' originally written with a clear direction of jazz in mind, the track still retains elements of that but infused with a largely unheard and unrecognised attack of hip-hop.

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Tranquillising effect from the black and white keys are apparent in the verse, with the second verse expressing a different step in beat, breaking into a venom-spitting double speed breakdown and a finger-twisting bluesy guitar solo on the back of it, quelling all the bad blood. Lyrically wise, Kendrick's well-lined sentences are something that can't ever be refuted or matched, "Step inside of my mind, and you'll find curiosity, animosity, high philosophy like the prophesied meditation."

This track acts as a precursor to Flying Lotus' fifth album 'You're Dead', out on the 3rd of October through Warp Records.

Words by Darren Ng

Photo Credit Melissa Cowan via The Operatives